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Who is Refilwe Khumalo
  •  A marketing graduate
  • A chartered marketer
  • A member of the marketing association of South Africa
  • An honorary member of the Golden key society (University of Pretoria)
  • A qualified brand thought leader who has over 10 years experience in leading teams, agencies and brands in Africa, UK and the middle east for blue chip companies such as Investec, Discovery, Absa, SARB, IBM and BCX.
  • A brand strategist who in her leadership has developed and executed strategically-sound and operationally-detailed brand strategies, plans, initiatives and campaigns- that resulted in increased brand equity, substantial lead generation and significant increase in revenue.

After 10 years in the corporate Refilwe is now a:

  • Social entrepreneur; committed to the acceleration of socio-economic transformation in South Africa
  • An author of “Could it be” – a transformational journey of coming home to yourself.
  • An experienced MC for corporate, academic, youth and women entrepreneurship and business events.
  • An experienced speaker, coach and mentor; to various target audiences including workforce, youth, women, entrepreneurs and future leaders.
  • Executive and brand coach providing business and brand coaching to small , medium and micro-size businesses; entrepreneurs and start ups nurturing purpose driven; transformative and conscious SMME brands, entrepreneurs and creators in South Africa.
  • Business, Entrepreneur and Brand thought leader for Destiny and Destiny Man magazines.

As a social entrepreneur empowering and transforming lives of the citizens of South Africa; Refilwe has been recognized and awarded by;

  • The University of Pretoria as an honorary member of the International Golden Key Society awarded alongside phenomenal leaders such as Adv. Leslie Sedibe,  Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Doctor Terence Nombembe, Professor Tshifularo and Catherine Constantinides , joining a pool of local and global leaders who are being the change their want to see in their respective fields and communities.
Social Entrepreneurship Projects
  • I work with various brands to host workshops to coach SMME and township entrepreneurs on brand and business
  • Empowering SMME’s and township entrepreneurs with critical business information, knowledge, skills and tools to –
  •   Professionalise their businesses
  • Launch their businesses
  • Reposition their business to better attract customers and grow
Youth Career and Entrepreneurship Workshops Sponsored by Nedbank:
  • Career guidance
  • Career; Life; Brand and Entrepreneurship coaching services
  • Skills development and Professional and Entrepreneur pairing mentorship and shadow programmes to final year students at all major Universities in South Africa, preparing them for their transition from Graduate to Professionals or Entrepreneurs.